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Jasmine is a wonderful little dog who, having spent the last several months in a crate at a shelter, is very grateful for her soft little bed in the comfort of a real live home. It seems as though she knows she was rescued and can’t believe her good fortune. She loves attention and humbly receives as many gentle pets and belly rubs as she is offered. She is just the right mix of scruffy, funny, sweet, and  Read More... Click HERE to apply for Jasmine now!





Emile was taken in at a shelter in KY as no one wanted this little pup. Their loss is our gain because he is been a fantastic house guest. Look at that face! I assure you he is as sweet as he looks. Emile was initially very shy when he joined his new foster family, but he came around within a few days. We noticed he does seem to warm up to dogs, kids, women and men in that order. This improved from days to minutes with visitors as he gained confidence in his surroundings. He is... Read More... Click HERE to apply for Emile now!

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