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Gracie's Puppies - Applications Processing

Momma Gracie was pregnant when she was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. Three weeks later, 8 healthy puppies came into the world and they have been our little darlings since. They are still very young, so it is hard to predict their disposition, but they love their litter mates, their momma, their foster mom and dad, all family that has visited including children, playing with toys and their siblings, sleeping, being serenaded, cuddling... Read More

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Meet Wally! Wally found himself in a shelter in Kentucky, where a group of Rogers’ Rescues Volunteers spotted him. He was well behaved and friendly, so the volunteers simply could not leave him behind and Wally made the long trip from Kentucky to his current foster home. Wally is...Read More...

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Weighing in at 30 pounds, Josie is the perfect size: not too big- not too small. She looks like a miniature Pointer, but we think she might be a Jack Russell/ Beagle Mix. What a great combo: all the fun of JRT - mellowed by a dash of beagle. She is the perfect family dog for an active family. A big dog attitude in a compact body, Josie loves to run and play hard then turns into a power snuggler at night. She missed the memo that she is too big to be a lap dog and climbs into whatever lap is... Read More... If you would like to apply for Josie now, click HERE!