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Rogers' Rescues is an all-breed 501 (c)(3) non-profit dog rescue. We are 100% funded by adoption fees and donations. Donations can also be mailed to: Rogers' Rescues, 531 Route 22 East, Suite 191, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889
Professional Trainers

Here are some trainers we have worked with who have worked wonders. Please mention Rogers' Rescues when you contact them.  

K9 Elements
John Alex Vespa and Melissa Naval are graduates of that National K-9 School for Dog Trainers. Together they help improve the mental and physical well-being of dogs and their families.
Whitehouse Station, NJ

Camp Bow Wow Behavior Buddies Training Program
This program is led by top national training experts with a focus on a variety of proven training methodologies.  They combine  extensive knowledge of dog behavior with your willingness to create a great relationship with your pooch and develop a game plan that helps you win the game.
Bridgewater, NJ

Christine Nolan, Your Dog and You
Using Cesar Milan's techniques, Christine can help with jumping, barking, dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, digging, counter surfing, housebreaking, separation anxiety, pulling on leash and more.
Burlington County, NJ

Leigh Siegfried, Certified Pet Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant 
Leigh brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the table and is an often tapped expert for and She offers behavior consultations in your home or at her facility in Quakertown, PA and is also available to consult by phone.

Maxine Fox, Canine Services
Offers Rogers' Rescues adopters $10 off her 8-lesson basic obedience and puppy training course. Offers Rogers' Rescues adopters a $5 discount off the first lesson to deal with housebreaking, nuisance barking, jumping and other issues.

Jamie Casale
Jamie offers Dog Training and Behavioral Counseling and is known as "The Dog Whisperer of Basking Ridge, NJ".

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Training a dog is an exercise in love. And patience.

If you are having trouble with your dog, here are some tips from the experts – Rogers' Rescues foster homes. We have seen, and had to deal with, just about everything!

Housebreaking has to be the most frustrating of all aspects of dog training. Luckily for you, this is something every foster home has had to contend with and we've accumulated quite a library of tips and tricks. Here are two you can try if you run into the problem.

1. Use a crate. Keep your new dog in the crate when you aren't playing or working with him. Every hour to hour and a half, take him outside to do his business. Give him 2-3 minutes. If he doesn't do anything, put him back in the crate and try again in an hour. If he does go outside, PRAISE LAVISHLY. Give hot dogs, treats, affection, whatever he loves most.

2. Keep your dog tethered to you. If you can't or don't want to use a crate, you can use a leash and keep your pup tethered to you at all times. As soon as she squats to do her business, scoop her up and take her outside to complete the task. Once she goes, PRAISE LAVISHLY and reward with a high value treat or lots of kisses.

Remember, housebreaking issues rarely last forever. But housebreaking does require consistency until your new pup understands what is expected and has a chance to teach you the signals for needing to go out. Sometimes we people are a little slow to get the message!